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The Device

lifewand is an anti-choking device for home use

This is what a home choking event may look like

This is why you must have a lifewand device

Choking is real and it's killing thousands every year

A limited number of lifewand devices are underway

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The Team

Meet the team behind lifewand

Limor Kuznits

Mom and Founder - Biomed engineer

A veteran Bio-Medical engineer, with an extensive background in clinical studies, Limor has the perfect skillset needed to create a safe, made for home, life saving medical device.

Yaron Leifenberg

Entrepreneur and Investor

With a 25 year track record of creating succesful tech based, international companies, Yaron is one of the founding members of Extralife and the inventor of the lifewand device.

Nimo Rotem

Head of Engineering

Experienced Engineer with tens of patents under his belt and decades of hardware development, Nimo is the mind behind the space-age design of the lifewand.

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